Gott-A-Costume Year Round Costumes

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Gott-A-Costume is owned by the Gott family.  The business is open year round, not just during the holidays like other stores.  Unlike other chain operated stores, the Gott family lives and works in the Aurora area. This means that money spent in the store stays in the area.

In addition to costumes for children and adults, the store also has gymnastic uniforms and a school section. If you are looking for leotards, stockings, shoes, or other gymnastics accessories, you will find them at the store.

Besides costumes, gymnastic uniforms, and accessories, they also have a “rent an actor” division.  This makes it possible to rent a costumed actor to  attend your event or party.  Imagine how thrilled your son will be when Spiderman shows up at his birthday party!

You can see some of the costume selections available online at  However, it is impossible to list all of the costumes available on the website.  Therefore, the items listed are only a small sample of all of the costumes available.  In order to see them all, you should stop by the store in Aurora.  For information or directions, call the store at 303-690-0662.  Keep in mind that the store has a rental section too.  This means that you can rent an outfit for that church play or school report.

Speaking of school reports, students, parents and teachers will love the school section.  Here, you will find costumes for school events like book reports, fairs, class projects, theatre productions, career day, and international day.  There are also decade costumes and historical era costumes.  Imagine giving a report on Pocohontas in costume!  Many of the costumes would also work for church plays or Sunday School events.  The school section has costumes available in child and adult sizes.

In addition, Gott-A-Costume Year Round Costumes helps non-profits, schools, and community clubs with their plays, events, and parties.  This is just one way that they give back to the community.

Whether you need a costume for the holidays or for a special event a work or church, stop by any time of the year to find the perfect costume.  At Gott-A-Costume Year Round Costumes, you can find costumes and all the accessories that you need to “get into character”.  For more information, check out their website at or call the store at 303-690-0662.  The Gott family is sure that you won’t be disappointed!

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