Furniture Row Companies

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Furniture Row Companies, a group of specialty home furnishing stores, has their headquarters in Denver, Colorado with stores in thirty-one states.  In addition to home furnishings, the stores also offer linens and mattresses.  Furniture Row Companies has four franchises which are:

1.     Sofa Mart

2.     Oak Express

3.     Denver Mattress

4.     Bedroom Expressions

Often times, multiple stores will co-locate in the same building where one store opens into the next store.  This company is the fourth largest family-owned specialty bedding and home furnishing retailer.  In addition to the four franchises, which are also the specialty furniture store brands, there is a fifth brand that is not a franchise.  That fifth brand is Furniture Row Outlets.

The company’s growth was fueled originally by its first major store brand, Big Sur Waterbeds.  Bedroom Expressions still sells products from this first major store.   Since 1972, it has continued its growth through its various furnishings and bedding store brands.

Today, the company operates over 250 stores nationwide across all its brands.  Furniture Row Company is planning for aggressive expansion and is among the “Top 15” natural furniture retailers.  It is also the nation’s largest cash buyer of home furnishings.

In 1984, the Furniture Row Company started its business as Pillow Kingdom, changing in 1977 to Big Sur Waterbeds and by 1982, they were America’s largest waterbed retailers.  The first Furniture Row Shopping Center was opened in 1997.

Furniture Row also owns and sponsors the #78 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chevrolet.   Furniture Row Racing is also located in Denver and is considered unique in the NASCAR Sprint Cup because they are the only team that is headquartered west of the Mississippi River.  Their full time driver is Regan Smith.

At their specialty stores you can find everything that you need to furnish your bedroom, living room, dining and kitchen area, and den.  No room goes unfurnished when you shop at Furniture Row.  They have bunk beds, kids bedding sets, and more.  They offer every style around such as contemporary, country/lodge, traditional, transitional and more.

They accept all major credit cards or you can apply online for their own store credit card.  At this time they are having a spring clearance sale.  You can go to their website and order a catalog or sign up for an email subscription.  They even have a place you can click on in regards to real estate, warranty and finance questions.  They offer beautiful furniture at reasonable prices.

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