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Denver residents have been turning to Kitchens by Wedgewood when they want a kitchen remodel project done right the first time. It is obvious that there are tons of kitchen design companies competing for your business, but none measure up even close to Kitchens by Wedgewood.

Why, you ask? Kitchens by Wedgewood have 3 solid things working in their favor: 1. their kitchen cabinets and other products are made locally in Colorado, 2. they build green eco-friendly products, and 3. they have pricing that will pleasantly surprise you! Give them a call today, but before you do please read a bit more about what they can do for you:

Kitchens by Wedgewood is happy to help you come up with kitchen design ideas. Their professional staff is specially trained in helping you design the best kitchen possible. It doesn’t matter what it is you need advice on. Maybe you need help with an overall kitchen design theme? Or maybe you need help choosing kitchen cabinet doors? Kitchens by Wedgewood can assist you with all this and more. They have designed some very beautiful kitchens and have some extremely happy clients.

The kitchen cabinets made by Wedgewood are a top quality, locally made product that will last and last. No flimsy, poorly made kitchen cabinet doors from Wedgewood. You can expect a superior quality kitchen design that will be pleasing to the eyes and the wallet.

Wedgewood’s kitchen design ideas are impeccable and up to date with all the latest trends, including eco-friendly “green” kitchens with cabinets, doors, drawer fronts, and countertops all made with recycled materials that haven’t been treated with harsh chemicals. For example, Wedgewood uses a countertop product called Icestone that is comprised of recycled concrete and glass that isn’t polished or sealed with toxic, harsh chemicals. Their kitchen cabinet doors are built with materials that are either recycled or come from sustainable forestry practices from materials such as bamboo or lyptus. In addition, Wedgewood uses a finish with either natural ingredients or a water-based solution that has no HAP’s or VOC’s.

Whether you just need some new cabinets or a new countertop or an entire kitchen, Wedgewood is a solid choice. Anyone in the Denver metro area who is looking for an expert kitchen remodel company that is environmentally conscious, trendy, and won’t break the bank should hire Kitchens by Wedgewood to get the job done. You won’t regret it.

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