Crocs: A World Famous Colorado Company

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What are Crocs? They are shoes that are made of lightweight material that is similar to not wearing anything on your feet. The company is located in Boulder, Colorado. The shoe started out as a boat shoe. The Croc can be found all over the world and it comes in 120 styles for women, men, and children. They come in many different styles, colors, shapes, and sizes. The colors are bright and the shoes are always lightweight and comfortable.

crocs a denver businessCrocs are unique and are made of closed cell resin called croslite. The shoes are lightweight, soft, comfortable, odor resistant, easy to clean, and non-marking. Over one hundred million pairs have been sold worldwide.

Crocs Care is a program that gives back to communities worldwide. Crocs have come together with other programs or organizations to provide shoes for countries that cannot afford to buy shoes. The last country to get shoes was Haiti, where 80,000 pairs of shoes were donated to impoverished areas. Shoes can help stop infections, sores, and open wounds to feet that occur from walking on surfaces such as rocks, stones, and sticks.

Founded in 2002, Crocs are named after crocodiles because of the way the shoe can be worn in water and on land. It revolutionized the shoe industry with the technology that held irreplaceable traits. They now have a worldwide customer base and are delighting people of all types.

Crocs provide fun, a feel good experience, ergonomic design, a massaging foot bed, uber lightweight technology, and pure comfort for your feet. Crocs are simple and stand out in the world of whistles and bells. The mission of Crocs footwear is to bring innovation, fun, and comfort to the world’s feet.

Crocs have many styles to choose from. Crocs considers itself an Ocean Minded brand. Their mission statement is to be the leader in lifestyle footwear, accessories, and apparel while keeping in mind the environment and the four pillars of the Ocean Minded brand: “Quality, Responsibility, Community and Authenticity.” Ocean Minded brand lets the customer visualize their beach or personal water-orientated passions in the path of their daily adventures.

In 1996 Ocean Minded brand put together community beach clean-ups around the world. We believe that it is essential to live, respect and protect our environment.  This project has given us our belief that everything ends up in the ocean. This has led us to clean-ups in the mountains and along the banks of rivers and lakes. They have now come out with sneakers that are made of croslite. It has a leather top and non-marking bottom.

They have a large selection of shoes for men and children too. To make the shoes look unique and personalized, Crocs puts little products that resemble little figures called Jibbitz™ on the Crocs.  They are colorful and will be a good accent for any Croc.


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