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Founded in 1963, the FirstBank of Colorado is one of the Centennial’s state premier banking institutions. The FirstBank is a modern, dynamic financial institution, dedicated to helping Coloradoans fulfill their dreams. After more than 50 years of functioning, the bank is as solid as ever, passing with little difficulty through the economic turmoil generated by the recent financial crisis.

FirstBank owns over 125 locations spread throughout Colorado, but also in Arizona and California. Although FirstBank achieved a respectable age, it is still a growing company, a fact demonstrated by the out of state expansion. The bank has over 200 ATMs installed, thus ensuring quick and convenient access to funds for its customers.

The FirstBank of Colorado prides itself with the quality of the services provided to its customers. At the base of the ongoing success of the bank, stand the 2,000 employees that offer friendly, intelligent client services. As a testament to the relentless growth of FirstBank in terms of the quality of the offered services, the financial institution climbed the top of Colorado’s best-ranked banks by deposits. In 1980, FirstBank was on the 8th place in this top, and in 1990 it climbed two positions to claim the 6th place. A decade later, FirstBank occupied the third position of the top, behind the giant Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank. In 2010, after the difficult years of the crisis, FirstBank reached the second position in the top of the best banks in Colorado.

FirstBank is pride to be a locally owned corporation, and rewards the support of the community with an active involvement in the local life. The bank is one of the largest contributors to local charities, placing consistently in the top 3. FirstBank supports many local initiatives, from the Junior Achievement program, to the YMCA and the Community First Foundation. FirstBank also offers an extensive program of scholarships for Colorado’s brightest students. The endowment is valued at $2.4 million, allocated among some of the Centennial State’s top universities, including the University of Colorado.

FirstBank is also well-known for its innovative marketing efforts. It’s glow-in-the-dark billboard or the QR codes billboard are just two of the modern advertising methods used by FirstBank to promote its services. These campaigns were rewarded for their creativity with the prestigious OBIE award, offered by the nation outdoor advertising association.

FirstBank is an innovative, modern institution that successfully helps Coloradoans achieve long-term, sustainable prosperity. At the same time, FirstBank is proud of its local origins, and actively supports the development of the Colorado community.

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