Unknown Cat Virus Found in Adams County, Colorado

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There is a mysterious cat illness that has been detected in Adams County, Colorado. On July 15th, two cats were brought in from Thornton and two others from Adam County. All of the cats displayed strange symptoms similar to an upper respiratory infection but the illness progressed quickly.

Each of the four cats had a runny nose that quickly turned into ulcers and spots on their tongues within 24 hours, resulting in swollen mouths and difficulty breathing. This affects their sense of smell as well as prevents the Colorado cats from the ability to eat. They become dehydrated and die.

Dr. Wade Smith of Community Pet Hospital thinks it could be toxin but that it could also be a virus. Currently, Colorado State University in Fort Collins is running tests on one of the cats in their Diagnostic Lab to see if it could be Calicivirus or something else.

Most cats in Denver are treated for Calicivirus, also known as FCV. However, there are many pet owners who do not bother taking in their pets for annual exams and shots. FCV is one of two viral causes of cat respiratory infection. Symptoms include fever, conjunctivitis, nasal discharge, sneezing and ulceration of the mouth, which may develop chronically, acutely or not at all.

Please keep your Colorado cats indoors until further notice. If your cat displays any signs of a cold, take them to your Denver vet right away.

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