Platte River Academy and Children’s Choice Daycare in Highlands Ranch Terrorized by Thieves

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Thieves victimized Platte River Academy and Children’s Choice Daycare last Monday. Parked cars at the Highlands Ranch Charter School and day care were the targets of the thieves.

Nobody ever imaged that such a thing could happen in Highlands Ranch, an always quiet and peaceful town. In fact, Highlands Ranch received national recognition for its amenities and pleasant quality of life. The community of Highlands Ranch counts a population of 93,477 in 3,305 apartments and 29,477 single family homes. Its location, 12 miles south of Denver in Douglas County, offers a great quality of life and several sites for an active lifestyle. Business Week named Highlands Ranch “one of the best towns to raise children”. Forbes named the town as “one of the top locations to move to in the US”.

Ali Hinkle, a teacher at Platte River Academy was shocked; her car windows were smashed by the criminals. She said that she left her bag on the front seat at the passenger’s side and admits that she never thought of the idea her car broken into on school property. She claimed that the whole situation was ‘pretty devastating’. “The glass was everywhere,” Hinkle said. She said that it was horrible thinking someone broke into her car and took some of her personal things. Two other teachers and a parent had their cars broken into also. It all happened around half past eight on Monday morning. Not a nice start of the week!

Fortunately the school captured the criminals on its video surveillance from cameras mounted around the school. Bob Barber, assistant principal of Platte River Academy, claimed the thieves were brazen. The car thieves were on the school site for seven minutes and the video shows two people peering in car windows, looking in all the cars for something that could be easily taken.

At Children’s Choice Daycare Center another car was broken into. A mother ran in to drop of her kid in the center that is just on the road nearby the charter school. When she came back to her car, the window was smashed and her wallet was stolen.

Although the incidents happened shortly after each other and the locations were in the same area, Douglas County Sheriff’s investigators said that was too early to say if the two incidents were connected. Barber said it could have been the same people.

Cocha Heyden, the sheriff’s spokeswoman, said that you can easily protect yourself from these car thefts by taking valuable things with you or lock them out of sight in the trunk.

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