Bear Breaks Into and Crashes Car

admin July 27, 2010 0

Larkspur, Colorado. About the only thing more frightening than coming back to your car to realize it’s gone is coming back to it and finding that a bear had broken into your car, popped it into neutral, wrecked it and is now stuck there and baring its claws and teeth at you.

Going after a peanut butter sandwich, a black bear did this earlier today in Larkspur, south of Denver. The bear was stuck for about 2 hours before they were able to remove him from the car and release him back into the wild.

This serves as a good reminder that much of the Front Range is bear country. Never feed wildlife, trash can kill bears so pack it in and pack it out. If you encounter a bear, don’t run. Make lots of noise and wave your hands around. Back away slowly and don’t turn your back. Oh and don’t leave food in your car either because a bear might break in, try to steal your sandwich, and wreck your vehicle. Try explaining that one to the insurance company.

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