3 Dirty Tricks Used to Screw You After a Car Accident

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No doubt about it, insurance companies make life difficult for many people who have been injured in car accidents. They are probably already in pain from the accident, but now the insurance company is adding fuel to the fire. However, by hiring the right Denver accident lawyer, you can save yourself time and hassle – and receive a larger settlement to boot.

Insurance companies are tricky and like to use slick angles to get out of paying you the settlement you deserve. Your Denver car accident lawyer will be able to help you sidestep these tricks and effectively avoid their deception.

Here are 3 of the most common dirty tricks most insurance companies might pull on you:

  1. Recorded statements. During the recorded statement process, the insurance adjuster might try to use gimmicks or ask questions to get you to say things you shouldn’t say – or even things that you didn’t mean to say. They even take your words out of context sometimes and use them against you. For this process to go more smoothly, it is best to meet with the insurance adjuster in person for the recorded statement rather than over the phone. If that isn’t possible, then hire a Denver personal injury lawyer and do a three-way conference call with your attorney, the insurance adjuster, and yourself on the line. Bring your own recording device and record the statement for your own protection. Most importantly, don’t offer information; answer the questions they ask you and say nothing more. If they ask a personal question that is not related to the claim, do not answer it. Your Denver car accident lawyer will be able to prep you for the recorded statement beforehand.
  2. Denying fault. It’s unfortunate, but the insurance company will probably try to deny fault for your claim. Insurance coverage is supposed to be there to protect you and that is supposed to be what we are paying for each month, but the insurance company doesn’t see it that way. They will try to take any angle they can to deny fault and not pay you a dime for your car accident injuries. Speak with a Denver accident lawyer as quickly as possible after your accident so you can get your claim started the right way, leaving little room for the insurance company to deny fault.
  3. Pushing for a quick settlement. This is another reason it is of utmost importance to hire a Denver personal injury lawyer as soon as you have your accident. The insurance company will often push for a quick settlement before all the details can be let out. Claims that have time to spill all the details and have a Denver car accident lawyer representing the client almost always results in a much higher settlement.

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