Temporary Exhibitions at the Denver Art Museum

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Stacey Steers: Night Hunter

Viewable now through August 14, 2011, this exhibit features about 4000 handmade collages and frames from silent-era live action cinema. Night Hunter features images from early silent films starring actress Lillian Gish along with 18th and 19th century items where Gish is sometimes cut out of movie scenes and pasted onto a collage. Collage items are also directly on film frames in some instances.

Watching Me Watching You

Interpretations of the inner workings of the artist’s mind are the common theme in this set of seemingly unrelated paintings by Joe Zucker. These mysterious drawings are on display now until August 28, 2011.

Blink! Light, Sound & the Moving Image

Now until May 1, 2011 get ready to experience an exhibition devoted to demonstrating the dramatic transformation of electronic and time-based media over the course of the past 30 years. Technology sure has changed and this exhibition reminds us of this fact. This is a blast from the past combined with the wonders of today’s technology. It is a must see exhibition!

Robert Benjamin: Notes from a Quiet Life

This unique exhibition is a celebration of a photographer’s ordinary life. It includes unscripted moments with family, everyday household items, and common walks to the local corner store that brings uncommon adventure. Robert Benjamin captures the beauty of everyday life and its everyday wonders. On display until April 17, 2011.

Shape & Spirit: Selections from the Lutz Bamboo Collection

Viewable now through March 30, 2011 (closing date tentative), this collection of bamboo-containing items shows life and culture through the eyes of each piece’s creator. The Lutz Bamboo Collection includes pieces such as woven baskets, tools, carved figures, and more – over 200 bamboo items total.

Olivetti: Innovation & Identity

An exhibition that highlights the aforementioned Italian company’s unique approach to marketing and product design, Olivetti: Innovation & Identity shows the importance of post World War II marketing and design innovation. On display now through November 30, 2011.

What is Modern?

This unconventional exhibit features furniture, industrial, and graphic designs from the 1800s to present day innovations. What is Modern? shows the natural change of the definition of “modern.” Modern means something different for every passing generation and the items on display prove just that. Tentatively, this exhibition is on display until November 30, 2011.

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