Stargazers Theatre and Event Center

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A multi-use indoor event center and theatre is the Stargazers Theatre located in Colorado Springs. It is a huge center accommodating around 500 people with a concert style ambiance. The banquet hall is also equally voluminous and can host up to 220 members. The theatre has been a house of concerts, rock, country, blues, jazz, classic rock, folk, Celtic, bluegrass, comedy and many more. There are live music concerts, film festivals, events for non-profits, business seminars and private parties that keep blazing the theatre constantly. The venue can be utilized for all public events from seminars, fundraisers for non-profit organizations, trade shows, conventions, corporate cocktail parties, holiday parties, award ceremonies and political events.

The Stargazers Theatre and Event Center has a main room with an open floor and tiered section that can accommodate as many as 550 members. The building was built with a unique circular dome that facilitates a perfect view of the show. Apart from this, Stargazer has a private green room that includes two private restrooms with private showers. The hardwood stage is 42 feet wide and 22 feet deep. This robust stage is backed by a huge movie screen which is 42 feet wide and 25 feet high. The size is perfect for multimedia and PowerPoint presentations of logos and other shows. Another feature is the exposition center. The loading and unloading of the materials and equipment is accomplished through the rolling door. Apart from this is the sound and lighting system, including handheld stationary or microphones. All guests are supplied with light meals, breakfast and buffet style food.

For wedding occasions the theatre is supplied with the high canvas on which a picture can be painted. The 50 feet high dome, seating arrangement, romantic lighting effects, and sounds make it an exceptional venue for wedding receptions. The events are customized to the guests’ budget with no compromise on the quality. There is a full bar service which is offered at these occasions with appetizers, buffet lunches or dinners. All these explicit facilities make the occasion even more special for the couple.

There are a number of rules to be followed in the theatre. There are special liquor restrictions that are imposed on all people entering the theatre.

The tickets can be purchased through phone or at the office 4 hours prior to show time.

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