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The students of the University of Denver display the excellent craftsmanship at a district that is bordered by I-70 to the north, I-25 to the west, Park Avenue to the south, and Lawrence Street to the east. This section is called the RiNo District. This is the fertile land for budding architects and artists. It is a promotion to the finesse of creativity in architecture, art galleries, designers, furniture, illustrators, painters, photographers, and sculptors. The open studio date is on Saturday, June 11, 2011. RiNo is short for “River North Art District” and is the Denver hub for creative business.

The district hosts number of events accessible by the public. The Laura Moretz open studio held on April 9th was an alluring event for the art lovers of Denver. It was the impeccable paintings by Laura Moretz in her newly owned house in Taxi.

Of late another added feature to the list of the district is the new 2-acre land purchased to develop in to a recreational park. This is with an intention to redevelop the industrial field to residential and commercial uses in the forthcoming years.  RiNo also hosts a monthly handmade market for the public. This is crowded by farmers, craftsmen, and foodies selling their homemade goods to the public. The first in the season for 2011 was hosted in on April 9th from 4 to 8 pm. The market is an opening for all the small scale industry holders who cannot dig their way through the competitive large scale dealers. It shells out organic chai, silk screened shirts, hand sewn handbags, pizzas, fruits, vegetables, hand churned ice cream, and local spirits.

Another event to scour passions and give them direction is the Down the Rabbit Hole event. It gives an opportunity for photographers to display the extremities of their creativity with experimental and humorous snap shots. These will be judged and awards will be announced as per jurors’ decisions. Other events at the district include the kick off of Green Spaces of Colorado, which fills in with recycled material; a digital media showcase called Frame of Mind, creations and libation classes, Open Doors Denver, What Chinese Women Artists Want, and many more. Another fabulous event is the Fragile Immortality. As the name suggests, it is the delicate drawings and designs on the porcelain forms which transcribe the history of Asian artifacts. It is hosted by Yoko Sekine-Bove who is a Japan descendant. Apart from these, the others are Peeking the Edge, Sharon Squared, and Sheck and Fries.

The vulnerability of all these passionate displays by craftsmen was awarded by giving them the honor of “Top 5 of Denver for Best Artists.”

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