Red Delicious Press

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Red Delicious Press is an art printmaking facility located at the Victor Hornbein Library Building at 9901 East 16th Avenue,  Aurora, Colorado. It aims to provide an affordable art center with diverse offerings.

The history of the facility can be traced back in 1953, with the construction of the Aurora Public Library as an answer to the need of the community for a bigger library facility. Victor Hornbein Library Building was built, which is now an exemplar of the Usonian architectural style. After 50 years, Red Delicious Press got the privilege to use the facility as a place of creativity and art.

Red Delicious Press offers fine art print exhibitions, which are regularly held at the press with receptions taking place every second Friday of each month from 6 to 8 pm. Currently, it holds “Place: A Travel Memoir,” featuring new works of Fawn Atencio. This is a series of works describing and reflecting moments and experiences based on an Asian and African trip. Several printmaking processes have been used in creating works that invoke memories of a certain experience, light quality or mood. These are answers to distinct cultural processes, encounters with people, newly visited towns and cities, as well as how other cultures perceive their sense of place in a bigger world geography. The exhibition runs from March 11 to April 30.

Red Delicious Press also offers several classes in a two session format to learn new method and improve old techniques. All classes meet for two straight Wednesday from 6 to 8:30 pm. Session one consists of an introduction to the skill building exercise, technique, and distribution of materials for plate making, while session two consists of open studio time to test the plate, do adjustments and print in various colors.

The classes cover linoleum cut, a graphic process where the material from the plate’s surface is removed, the raised area is inked with a roller and then printed onto paper; and collagraph, an intaglio process were materials are pasted to a plate, covered with foil, inked and run through an etching press. Classes also include painterly process monoprint and linear process plexiglass intaglio.

The press uses non-toxic solutions and materials, a green approach that provides students and artists with a healthier and safer environment where to work. Most of its members make use of Caligo, oil-based water soluble inks, while those who use etching inks clean them using vegetable oils.

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