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Want to watch mind boggling acrobats of the Ch’in dynasty? Then you have to make your way to Boulder to watch the famous LIVE @MACKEY performance called the Peking Acrobats.

TIMINGS: Sunday, April 17 2011, 4:00 pm

ENTRY: Tickets start from $20 for adults and $12 for children 12 and under. (A discount of 10% for a group of 10 or above applies.)

TICKETS: Can be purchased online, or call at 888.695.0888; you can also purchase tickets after 3 p.m at Mackey Auditorium.

SPONSOR: The Daily Camera and KUNC 91.5 F.M.

ADDRESS: 285 UCB University Avenue, Boulder, CO 80309

THE PEKING ACROBATS are a group of China’s most gifted jugglers, contortionists, tumblers, and gymnasts who have been reputed since their debut in 1986.They have driven their audience to an aura of glory through their daring maneuvers atop on a pagoda of chairs, wire walking, tricky cycling, gymnastics, somersaults, and tumbling. They display their agility to the astounded audience who get mystified by their tremendous skill and ability.

They perform their legendry LION dance, which symbolises good luck, happiness, and prosperity. Through this dance they are said to wade of their misfortunes and evil spirits welcoming new, glorious times. The Peking Acrobats entertain you with their dexterity and an added flavor to this is the traditional Chinese music, which takes you to the classical streets of China to entertain you.

They are a source of three generations who have been nurtured from childhood to show their elegance and grace. These acrobats have been onseveral celebrity TV shows including the “The Wayne Brady Show”, “That’s Incredible”,ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” and the new hit show “Unfabulous.” They have been a part of the world record in The Fox Guinness Book prime time TV show, where they left their spectators awestruck for their dexterity of handling six people on six chairs – 21 feet high, without SAFETY LINES! The Peking Acrobats have also been on the silver screen in Stephen Soderbergh’s “Ocean’s 11” and “Ocean’s 12”.

It is to these wonderful seemingly impossible acts in harmony with the traditional Chinese music that the Macky Auditorium is going to take you. In the wonderful lights of spring fall, this University of Colorado at Boulder brings us this pageantry of Chinese Carnival.

The auditorium also offers parking at the rate of $2, depending on the audience density.

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