MP3 Players are Dead – They Just Don’t Know It Yet

admin October 8, 2010 0

MP3 players have come very far in the past few years, In fact, mp3 players are no longer simply a single functional mp3 player, they do much more. Plain old mp3 players haven’t been cool since 2005 and are not about to ever be cool again. Several pieces of evident exist in support of the fact that mp3 players have died a most improvising death.

What has replaced these boring mp3 players with no other function besides playing mp3 files? Multi-functional mp3 players, of course! The touch screen mp3 player as well as mp3 players with internet have successfully replaced the popularity of mp3 players. Products such as the portable GPS with Android and the ever-popular internet tablet have surpassed the original mp3 players in terms of appeal and functionality.

Players that strictly play mp3s and do absolutely nothing else are virtually useless now. There is no reason not to have fm radio, video, photos, cameras, mp3 players with internet, games, and apps integrated into a touch screen mp3 player. These features are now “standard” and are the minimum of what one should expect when buying an mp3 player device. All the basic mp3 players now have these features and sometimes even more.

Consider this: It’s also true that even today’s cell phones can easily “out-do” the mp3 players of 2005. Cell phones have a higher storage capacity and play music better than any of the original single functional mp3 players of the past ever dreamed.

Even such features as a portable GPS with internet have been added to many of the new touchscreen mp3 player units. The portable GPS with internet feature is an impressive display of the advanced evolution of the touch screen mp3 player.

Speaking of impressive, the internet tablet can do everything! It plays music, serves as a fully functional computer, and has the uber-trendy touchpad keyword feature that users love. It is the ultimate all in one device that is solid in construction and convenient in its diverse functionality. These multi-functional music players are the latest attraction for music enthusiasts.

It is very obvious to conclude that mp3 players are no longer simply mp3 players. So much more is expected of them now. With these super advanced mp3 features like internet, video capabilities, fm radio and especially the introduction to the internet tablet, the old mp3 players are “so 2005”! Technology evolves fast and mp3 players are proof of this.

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