Denver’s Music Scene

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Denver is not as recognized for historical musical prominences like New York City, Chicago, or Los Angles, but we still manage to have a lively music scene.  In Denver, you will find jazz, popular music, and classical music.  Some of these scenes have produced many genres and artists that received regional, national, and even international attention.  Boulder and Denver both have their own distinct music flavors but often artists that are based in Boulder will play in Denver.

Folk music gained popularity in the 1960’s and some of Denver’s old folks clubs began to fill with musicians and unknown stars at the time.  One of those unknown stars that went on to become famous was Judy Collins.  As the city of Denver had a population boom, the city was gaining a lot of press for its rising music scene.   In the 1970, the country music scene was gaining popularity.  John Denver, a country-folk singer, was making a name for himself by singing songs inspired by the region.

The press has neglected to mention anything about the heavy metal scene.  By the 1980’s, Denver turned more to the pop music scene with music such as R & B, local funk, hip-hop, and jazz fusion.  In 2001, the music scene was doom metal and math metal.  Several music festivals had record attendance.  During the nineties, in south Denver a small industrial metal and shock rock scene developed.

During this time, on the music scene a melting pot of styles was being exhibited.  Due to this melting pot of styles, a new revolution was born.  This new revolution was called Jam Bands.   Jam bands were a group jamming for an extended period of time.  During this time, stone metal exploded and was a complement to the jam scenes.  Punk music also had its start in the nineties, but it was oppressed under the stoner/jam movement.

In 2000, the punk rock and math rock exploded in east and central Denver.  The metro area has a reputation for hardcore concerts.  The most influential and largest music scene during the 1990’s and early 2000, was called Country Gothic.  It was a blend of dark and brooding Americana.  It comprised of folk, southern gospel, and country.

Of course, you cannot forget the classical music scene, which includes the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, the Denver Young Artists Orchestra, and the Colorado Youth Symphony Orchestra.  There are also various community groups like The Denver Brass.

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