Denver Post Underground Music Showcase

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The Denver Post Underground Music Showcase is the largest showcase of the underground music scene in Colorado. The event has been taking place for the last ten years and works in collaboration with the Denver music community. The Denver Post Underground Music Showcase celebrates local music of the Rocky Mountains with a surge of great talent appearing on its stage every year.

For the first showcase event, all the sales of the tickets were given out to participating bands in support of their music. The first event was attended by almost 300 people, but the number has grown over the years to include thousands of people from all over the country.

In 2009, the music showcase featured more then 225 singers, local bands, comedians and other performers. It was a 4 day event with great audience participation.

In 2010, the event showcased more then 300 artists and bands.

In 2011, more than 325 performers are expected to rock the stage with their outstanding performances.

The Denver Post Underground Music Showcase is a huge event for local artists and musical bands to prove their talent and showcase it to the general public by giving live, electrifying performances. The event is an extravagant celebration of Denver’s local music, art and talent that is to not be missed.

The event is performed on many venues; in 2010 there were over 25 venues for different performances. Performers from all over Denver can participate in the event and can gain the limelight with their live performances.

The event also requires volunteers to participate in the event and support the management. People who love Denver and its music can come and participate in the event as a volunteer. Festival preparations, stage management, sales and merchandise are a part of the volunteer program.

The venues are arranged along south Broadway. You can also get the special event wristbands and badges. You can get access to the VIP parties by getting the event badges. The event wristbands are necessary to gain entry into the festival. You can catch a lot of your favorite local bands and also find some new favorites.

The Denver Post Underground Music Showcase is the greatest Indie music celebration in Denver and over the past 10 years has gained an enormous fan base. With the support of the local community, the festival is getting bigger and bigger each year.

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