Denver Folklore Center

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The Denver Folklore Center, well known for providing acoustic instruments since 1962, is doing great service to the Denver community.  The center is open all days except Sundays. On Saturdays it is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Monday through Friday, the center is open for a longer period, from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. You can find the Denver Folklore Center online at

If you would like to buy a folk instrument (for example, a guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, banjo, or ukulele) or if you do not have any idea of what brand or size of instrument that you want to buy from the store, you need not worry. You can meet Harry (who has been dedicated to serving the Denver Folklore Center for more than 40 years) or any of the other staff, who can help you make the right purchase.

One can find both vintage instruments as well as new folk instruments in the store. The dulcimers, both the fretted type and the hammered type of dulcimer can be here, too. The store has mandolins like Kentucky, Trinity College, or the Weber Type. The variety that is found here is enormous and this gives you the opportunity to choose the best folk instruments available. In addition, you can find the Deering, Goldtone, or Ome banjos and Santa Cruz ukuleles at the Denver Folklore Center.

Nothing can match the quality of the instruments at the Denver Folklore Center in terms of tone, pitch, and competitive price. Apart from these, one can also find the pono, kala, or other colorful ukuleles, along with flukes and fleas. If you are playing the ukulele for the first time, the colorful ones can make the experience easier and more enjoyable at the beginner level. This type is ideal for kids as well.

The store has been selling Santa Cruz guitars for more than 12 years. Guitars like Guild, left handed guitars, Santa Cruz, Taylor (with 900 series), and Blueridge are available.

Another advantage to choosing the Denver Folklore Center is that they rent instruments for first time player who may not be sure they have found the right instrument or doubt that they have a genuine interest in it.

On Monday evenings, visitors can enjoy beautiful folk music for two hours (7 to 9 PM) inside the center. The Denver Folklore Center also offers classes for learning instruments like the banjo (beginners who want to learn Bluegrass and claw hammer), fiddle (basic or traditional), guitar (acoustic, finger style, jazz, rock, and many other forms), hammered dulcimer, ukulele (from beginner to advanced lessons) and also the mandolin.

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