Boulder Bach Festival

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The Boulder Bach Festival chorus commenced in the 1980s. The St. Cecilia singers wanted to make it big and wanted to get more scope and visibility and became part of the Bach Festival.  The chorus has 60 artists and has been the root cause for the success of the event. It is not an easy task to continuously satisfy the audience for over 25 years on a row, but they have done it.

Some of the upcoming events in the Boulder Bach Festival are as follows: Kids either in elementary school or in pre-school can participate in the Boulder Bach Festival. In this session, one gets to know more on how music gets created and what is meant by melody, synchronization, and harmony. The artists will be presenting a concert with their violins, flutes and cello. We can get more information on this from the site, . There are many other Bach-related events that will be conducted in 2011.

The violin will be played by Ben Tomkins. He plays the instrument and is also a music composer. The music composed by him has been featured in many concerts and he composes great music that the kids will love to hear. He is at present working as a teacher in Strings.

The cello is played by Karen Terbeek. She has been a part of many famous orchestras like the Omaha Symphony, Chamber Orchestra of Albuquerque, and also performed in many operas in the Colorado Film Festival, Emerald City Opera, and so on. One can be rest assured to hear a wonderful concert by Karen Terbeek.

The flute is played by Ysmael Reyes. He is a Venezuelan player and a soloist who has given many performances in US and in many European countries.

This is an interactive session where each of these players will not only be playing, but also teaching or demonstrating to the kids how a melody is created beautifully. As they are all composers or teachers, they will be the best people to provide this demonstration. The audience will be given a chance to explore the process of harmonizing using the chords.

One of the major concerts to look forward to is the 30th Anniversary Gala Benefit Concert. Rick Erickson, the Music Director who plays the organ, will be presenting a musical night to the audience. Many people attending these events will come with high hopes as they have seen the success stories in 2010. The stage was fully enthralled and filled with talented artists (both the musicians and the singers). The same is expected from the batch of artists this year.  The recital will be at the First Congregational Church at 6:30 PM. One needs to be at the Hotel Boulderado for the reception after the organ recital. In this concert, verbal notes will be presented by Eric. Tickets are $100 per person. For the 30th anniversary event, all tickets will be sold around one hour before the concert starts. Credit cards will not be accepted and cash needs to be carried.

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