Mattie’s House of Mirrors

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Do you believe in the paranormal? If you do then Mattie’s House of Mirrors is the place that you should check out. It is located in Denver, CO. It was built in 1889. It was built by a Madame who was in competition with Matte Silks. They both ran brothels. Mattie acquired the establishment in 1910. Leah Wood aka Jennie Rogers died in 1909.

At the age of 18, Mattie worked as a Madame in Springfield, IL. In 1875, Mattie moved to Georgetown, CO, but shortly after she moved to Denver, CO. Here she started a brothel on Holiday Street. She met her husband Cortez Thompson in 1877. He was married with a daughter when he met Mattie but his wife died in 1884. Mr. Thompson died at the age of 54.

The first floor of the brothel had the viewing room and a dining room that was known as the best place to eat. This dining room is where the gentlemen ate. The second floor was where the girls had their rooms. It was divided into 7 small rooms and some larger rooms that were to have fireplaces. The rooms were arranged so that the door was blocked by the bed, which gave the gentlemen a more secure feeling.

Ms. Ella Wellington committed suicide in the establishment by using a revolver. She was known as a resident and owner of the establishment. All the brothels were closed by the national moral reform movement; Mattie’s brothel closed in 1915. It was then sold many times to different proprietors. It was a Buddhist temple, then a restaurant, and many bars and grills.

The current proprietors have turned the house into a bar/restaurant with a somewhat museum to show the history of the property. Some workers have heard parties on the second floor when there is no one in the building. Staff will not go to second floor. They have heard the piano play on the second floor when no one was there. At one time it is said that a small girl was seen going into the second floor women’s restroom. When she returned, she stopped and asked a waiter “who’s been smoking in the bathroom?” The waiter went to the bathroom to only find smoke, an old box of matches on the toilet tank, and no one in the bathroom.

Because of these abnormal happenings, a paranormal investigational team was called. They agreed to investigate the house. When they first set up their equipment, the equipment failed. They had to come back a second time. During this time their investigation did not show anything. There were no abnormal activities noted. But the bar next door was very noisy and that caused problems with the recordings. They are definitely coming back to Mattie’s House of Mirrors for a third time when it is quieter.

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