Colorado Film School

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Situated in Denver, Colorado Film School (CFS) has been regarded as among the “superlative” film programs in the United States rivaling the country’s leading institutions.


CFS offers degree programs intended to award AAS, AGS and BFA degrees with focus in either Writing and Producing, Writing and Directing, Cinematography, Acting for the Screen or Post Production. It offers Bachelor of Fine Arts, Advanced Immersion and several other Certificates in a thorough professional training setting. Its Certificate Programs offer advanced training to those who are already working in the video and film industries.  In addition, the school offers professional training certified by Apple, with Jerry Hofmann, who wrote Final Cut Pro 4, teaching the classes.


CFS students are focused on gaining mastery on narrative technique and on finding balance on aesthetic, creative and technical concerns.


Colorado Film School emphasizes on the intersection of technology, art and commerce as this relates to audio or video techniques. It aims to serve as a catalyst for local video and film production, which enables, challenges and stimulates growth through advanced training, original production and development of a diverse pool of residents who are experienced in every aspect of the video and film industries. It also seeks to serve as a resource for development and research in production by studying new models for distributing and funding video and film production, as well as by extending its boundaries of creative expression and technology.


The main facility of the Colorado Film School covers 25,000 sq ft, while its main studio – a 4,000 sq ft sound stage – features Thompson BTS digital camera along with Canon studio lenses, Vinten MK V heads with tern type pedestals and teleprompters. The facility is also equipped with a cyclorama intended for green screen photography and an INSight Lighting Board-controlled Desisti lighting grid, which hangs over the whole stage.


Other facilities at the school are high-end digital router room that goes into Profiles Digital Disk Recorders, a studio and online control room, five Digital Beta decks, two nonlinear edit rooms, a graphics room and a digital sound room. The facility is equipped with more than a thousand of cable connections and a hundred miles of cable, which facilitate connection between the rooms.   Completing the package is a portable Sony DVW 700 WS D-Beta camera with lighting and mic kit.


CFS’ history can be traced back in the 1990s, with Frederic Lahey serving as the joint program director and curriculum architect. Currently, Mr. Lahey is serving the school as a Director.

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