The SantaLand Diaries

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The SantaLand Diaries, written by David Sedaris, is the story of his day-to-day life as an elf at Macy’s Department Store’s Santa Land when he first arrived in New York City as an unemployed writer.   This first appeared on National Public Radio’s Morning edition in 1992 where David Sedaris worked as a humorist.  He made his comic debut when he read his The SantaLand Diaries on the air.   David Sedaris is now a New York Times Best Selling Author.

The story is about David Sedaris, an unemployed writer that took a job as an elf at Macys’s and at first, the job, to him, was extremely humiliating because he had to take elf training, and take abuse from customers and badly cast Santas.   After thousands of children and visitors come pouring through Santa’s workshop, he becomes bitter and battle weary.  He occasionally took his frustration out on the parents and the children who visited the department store.

It was adapted to become a one-act, one-man play for the stage in 1996. The play has become a nationwide phenomenon in professional and community theatres. In the essay, the author talks about the screaming children, the department store, and the green velvet suit he wore during his seasonal job as well as the personalities of the different Santas at Macy’s department store.

The play is for people who like to spice up their Christmas with a sweet story.  This is a tale of stressed out sales clerks, mass marketing, screaming kids, and drunken Santas.  The play is about the general insanity of the holiday season.  It is hilarious, sarcastic, witty, and unpredictable.  It shows that the world, and the people in it, may have lost sight of the meaning of Christmas in favor of a manic, going-through-the-motions consumerism and some of the crazy things people do during the holiday season.

The Boulder Ensemble Theater is putting this play on for the second time.  This story is for people who hate the holiday season as much as they like it.  This play/book takes on the modern yet strange experience of Christmas and gives it an adult touch.  It is not suited for children.  The play runs seventy-five minutes.  It gives the audience an up-close and personal education in how the holiday can bring out the best and worst in us.

The SantaLand Diaries is a delightful cult classic for those that are looking for comic relief from all the other Christmas movies and stories.  If you are looking for Christmas humor with an adult twist, then this is the play you need to see.

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