Heartland Poker Tour 2011

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Everyday from April 1st-10th, the Golden Gates Casino in Black Hawk, Colorado will host the annual Heartland Poker Tour. This is an open tour for anyone 21 or over who wants to try his or her hand at some serious poker playing. Participants must have a Golden Rewards Card to be eligible for the poker tour. Spectators who don’t want to participate can simply watch how the pros play the game. This is a unique experience for anyone who has an interest in poker tournaments or even just the game itself.


Heartland Poker Tour has come a long way since it started in 2005. It went from occupying an infomercial spot on a local Fargo, ND television station to a worldwide sensation watched by millions of people every year. Former Fargo TV producer Todd Anderson and his friend Greg, a former retail store owner, are the masterminds behind Heartland Poker Tour.


Heartland Poker Tour has created many successful partnerships with casinos all over the country (such as the Golden Gates Casino in Black Hawk) and this makes the tour stronger than ever. It might have taken a few years to get the show off to a healthy start, but it is profitable and popular with viewers now.


This year, the Heartland Poker Tour kicks off its 7th season and airs in about 100 million homes around the US as well as in 20 countries in Europe. With over 150 episodes, the Heartland Poker Tour went from being an infomercial to full-fledged TV show with loyal followers. Episodes are available in English, Italian, and Hebrew throughout Europe.


Heartland Poker Tour has definitely accomplished their goal: to allow everyday people the opportunity to try their hands at poker on a televised stage setting. Professionals and novices alike have the chance to show their skills. This is the type of show that appeals to the average poker player whether they are playing in the event or watching at home.


The upcoming stop in Black Hawk is sure to be another exciting episode of the Heartland Poker Tour for 2011. Other stops already completed for the year include Mahnomen, MN, Quapaw, OK, and 2 separate casinos in Las Vegas, NV. Iowa and Colorado are upcoming stops. Gary, IN, Mt. Pleasant, MI, and Reno, NV are coming up after the Colorado tournament.



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