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Geeks Who Drink (GWD) is a company from Denver that hosts pub quizzes in 100 pubs and restaurants in 13 states.   A pub quiz, or a quiz played in a pub, is an Irish tradition but is new to the American pub scene.  The goal is to create a little bit of friendly competition and promote social drinking.

Make no mistake, “Geeks Who Drink” quizzes aren’t your typical trivia nights. GWD pub quizzes are due to the talents of dozens of quizmasters, writers, fact-checkers, and graphic designers and artists.  This isn’t just a game of Trivial Pursuit in a pub. and artists.

Each quiz consists of  eight rounds of eight questions.  Teams of up to 6 people participate and try to answer the questions.  Rounds 1,4, and 6 are themed rounds.  Round 3 is a multiple choice round. Round 2 is a music round.  Round 7 has questions about movies or TV shows and Round 8 features questions on random knowledge.  The team with the most points is the winner.  You can try a sample quiz out here

It doesn’t cost anything to participate, but quiz players are encouraged to buy food and drinks at the pub or restaurant which is hosting the event.  At this point, you may be wondering what is in it for you.  Besides bragging rights and free entertainment, quiz players that are on the top teams win bar gift certificates.  They also get the chance to win free pints for answering bonus questions.  Throughout the year, GWD also hosts events which pay money to the winners.  These events include the Geek Bowl in January where the top earning team takes home thousands in cash.  In addition, Geeks Who Drink holds numerous Quiz For A Cause events to raise money for various charities.

In Colorado, you can participate in the Pub Quizzes on a Monday at Jack Quinn’s Irish Alehouse and Pub in Colorado Springs at 8 pm, the British Bulldog in Denver at 8 pm, The Rio Grande in Denver at 7:30 pm, and Wyman’s NO 5 in Denver at 7 pm.

On Tuesday night, 13 different pubs and restaurants hold pub quiz events including Harpo’s Sports Grill and The Irish Snug.  Pub Quiz events are also held on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at different pubs and restaurants.  To see a schedule of the places that hold the events as well as the times of the events, simply go to  You can also call 303-532-4737 for more information.


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