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“Top 10 Haunted Houses in Denver”

Don’t let the beauty of autumn in Colorado fool you, because beneath those picturesque haystacks and pumpkin patches lurks a netherworld of horror, thrills and chills. This fall, those misguided mortals who dare enter one or more of the 10 best Denver haunted houses will encounter a dark realm of chaos and slaughter worse than the 5 o’clock news.  Only the strong will survive.  Buzzing saws, howling creatures, and rattling chains.  Which haunted house on Halloween will provide the most clang for your buck?  What monstermeister is offering Denver’s scariest haunted house this year?

To help you make that eerily difficult decision this spook season, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Halloween Haunted Houses of Denver, complete with haunted house reviews to aid in your selection. Just don’t hold us responsible if you dissolve into a quivering mass of protoplasm, after visiting one of the disturbing mansions in our haunted house guide. And we can take no responsibility if your girlfriend grabs you during a haunted hayride, or your dog refuses to sleep with you when you get home.

So counting down from #10, here are the “Top 10 Haunted Houses in Denver” for Halloween 2011.  Let the mayhem begin!

10. Bloodshed

Experience the terror of a hillbilly hellhole as you embark on this haunted house tour.  Its squalid ambience and full-bore gore make the movie Deliverance look like a family picnic in Mayberry.

Inbred fear is rampant at the dilapidated Dogpatch farmhouse, as visitors travel through the haunted house and into the creepy back yard, where they will encounter the spine-chilling “blood shed,” before a final visit to the family shack. Described as graphic and extreme, Bloodshed is a haunting experience that will make you glad you don’t live in an Appalachian holler.

9. Field of Corpses

What happened in 1801 to the Torrence White family on their Arvada farm during the fall harvest?

The tragic legacy has lived on, with many occupants of this residence meeting an untimely demise.  And shadowy child-like wraiths in the fields are still reported by nervous neighbors.  What evil force is responsible for the misfortunes of the hapless family and others unlucky enough to fall into its grip?  Come to the Field of Corpses and find out for yourself, if you dare.

8. Primitive Fear

This haunted mansion is one of two novel attractions in the same location. Both are based on the innovative idea of experiencing horror as part of a theatrical production, the thinking man’s haunted house.

This unique concept is based on two stories, Primitive Fear and 13th Street Manor, together known as PF13.  Primitive Fear is the terrifying story of an experiment deep in the jungle that “goes horribly wrong.”

Using animatronics and live actors, it creates an alternative reality for the viewers, who become part of the production.  “From the minute you walk in the door, you become ours,” warns the director.

7. Prison of Terror

If gas chambers, electric chairs, and torture make you shudder in horror, you’ll want to avoid this recreation of an actual prison that became a horrifying chapter in Colorado history.

Although the original prison is reported to have been somewhere in Boulder County, this recreation is based in Longmont. The story goes that the warden went insane and inflected unspeakable torture on the inmates. The new warden invites you to come witness the execution of the Bombchelle twins.  They are dying to meet you before they become worm food.

Visitors who bring a non-perishable food item will receive a $2 Discount. All food items benefit the Community Food share, Longmont Elks Club Food Baskets, and Sister Carmen Community Center.

6. I Scream Factory

Do not enter this haunted house if you are afraid of garish clowns, fog, intense audio, strobe lights, moving floors or your date, as there will be areas of pitch-black darkness.  Worth the trip to Brighton for this extreme experience that will overload your senses with 8,000 square feet of terror in your face. Alternate endings included!

Believe them when they say this ain’t no amusement park.

5. Haunted Mansion

After 36 years of freaking Denverites out, the Haunted Mansion knows what it is doing, thanks to the expertise of the very creative Reinke brothers. Referred to as “ Disney-like”  — due to the professional animatronics and hair-raising special effects – their  Haunted Mansion sports 30 rooms with sets that rival the best Hollywood horror flicks.

Once you have satisfied your thirst for thrills, don’t miss the Reinke Brothers Halloween Costume Shop, which is more like a superstore awash with costumes, masks, and even snakes. So better watch your step!

Don’t let the easy access and free parking fool you. The Haunted Mansion is risky business!

4. City of the Dead

The world of the Zombies, which lies, unbeknownst to us, beneath our feet, is an alternate universe filled with the twisted streets and shops of the denizens of the dark.  So be careful where you shop or dine, or you could wind as dinner in Mein Vein’s restaurant or sentenced to jail for eternity by the evil Judge Graves.

Walk among the undead in this huge venue, filled with amazing sets and details that create authenticity so real, the owners recommend you leave children under the age of 12 at home. Afterward, if you have the stomach for it, treat yourself at the full food concession, which includes beer and wine sold by the merchants of the underworld.  And, if the weather is rainy or inclement in your world, you’ll be safe and dry inside the tent.  Well, dry at least.

3. The 25th Hour

Not only is Denver’s newest haunted house full of brain-boggling twists and turns, but also cutting-edge electronics and pneumatic special effects. The combination creates a truly creepy context for the skilled live actors who draw you into their diabolical plots, whether you like it or not.

Because of the intensity of the experience, the purveyors of horror at this haunted house warn that  while their creatures of the dark are instructed not to touch or grab their victims, er, visitors, they give it their all trying to frighten those who blindly wander into their lairs during the fateful 25th hour, when no one is safe.

2. The 13th Door

Local legend tells us that the Barrington Hotel in Denver wasn’t originally a haunted mansion. But after it was condemned in 1912, one final Hallows Eve Ball was held, an affair gone awry that resulted in the deaths of all the partygoers except one. It is their ghosts who still haunt the site of this carnage.

The story goes that after his owner refused to help pay the gambling debts of his insane nephew Andrew, the nephew secretly boarded up all the doors during the party.  Then he killed the trapped revelers. The lucky survivor found one exit missed by Andrew, the 13th door.  Do you feel as lucky?  Then come to the party.

You won’t be alone.  For two years running, The 13th Door haunted mansion has been voted one of “America’s Best Haunted Houses,” thanks to its high-tech effects, lights, sounds and, of course, the ghosts!
1. Curse of Slaughterhouse Gulch

Voted the Scariest Haunted House in Denver, “one that takes fear to a whole new and terrifying level.” The Curse of Slaughterhouse Gulch features all your worst nightmare characters.

Jason, Mike Myers, Freddy and other monstrous movie killers have left the big screen and are patiently awaiting your arrival at one of the best haunted houses ever. Featured on CNN, the “hauntrepreneurs” who built this house of horror understand the thrill of being terrified.  They love to chase their customers  away, preferably with chainsaws.

Click here to see the special CNN News coverage of this one-of-a-kind haunted house

Nothing makes them happier than seeing their customers run screaming out the door.  In fact, if you can sleep at night after visiting the Gulch, Leatherface will feel like he has failed.

For more information, Haunted House ratings and a Denver Haunted House guide, visit Haunted Ratings or check back for more information as Halloween approaches.

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