Colorado’s Best Selling Novelist – John Shors

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Award-winning Colorado author, John Shors has published four books in the past four years. The movie rights of his first book, Beneath A Marble Sky, was quickly bought out by Humble Journey Films, which is headed by former “ER” star, Eriq LaSalle.

Beneath A Marble Sky takes place in India about the daughter of the emperor who built the Taj Mahal during a time of political and religious angst. Shors other three novels also take place in Asia and he certainly has the credentials to write about these foreign lands.

Shors taught English in Japan for several years after he graduated from Colorado College. After wards, he trekked across ten countries in Asia and climbed the Himalayas with what little money he had. Shors was still in love with Asia even after he came back to the States and won Iowa statewide awards in journalism.

Returning to Colorado, Shors helped build up one of the state’s most successful PR firms, GroundFloor Media, in Denver. Between work and play traveling the world, John wrote his first novel commuting between his home in Boulder to work in Denver.

His hard work paid off as each of his four novels, Beneath a Marble Sky, Beside a Burning Sea, Dragon House and The Wishing Trees have won multiple awards. He is currently a full-time writer, husband and father of two.

An incredibly unselfish novelist, John not only headed his own book clubs with fans but he also raises money and publicity for organizations such as Children’s International Summer Villages, Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation and the Arbor Day Foundation.

John Shors is a best selling and noble author that Colorado is proud to call her own.

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