Casa Bonita Denver: “The World’s Most Exciting Restaurant”

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Casa Bonita is an outrageous Mexican restaurant that was made nationally known by Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s episode of South Park. Many people are stunned to find out that the pink stucco Mexican mansion that is compared to Disneyland, filled with rope lines, cliff divers, an indoor cave, arcade, Chiquita the dancing gorilla, fire jugglers, magicians, puppet shows, skee-ball, mariachis and authentic Mexican dancers is actually a real restaurant in Lakewood, Colorado.

Casa Bonita spreads across 52,000 square feet and you better believe it that there’s a 30-foot-tall waterfall inside this old governor’s mansion for your entertainment purposes. This Denver restaurant can seat up to 1,100 guests at once under the ambiance of a Mexican village at night.

The best time to come here would be after 4 pm so that you can see prime performances with a good amount of people in the restaurant. There is an admission fee and that is purchasing a meal. Keep in mind that people come to Casa Bonita for the wild atmosphere and not for the food. If you’re a fan of their sopapillas, just raise the little flag on your table and a server will bring you more for free. This is a very group friendly place to be.

Prime seating would be next to the waterfall where you can watch the cliff divers work their magic during your meal. Never a dull moment, Chiquita the dancing gorilla will come say hi, along with the mariachi band.

After dinner you can work off the food by venturing into Black Bart’s Cave, get your picture taken in front of the jail, play in the arcade, watch a puppet show and visit the Gran Vista Casa El Mercado for some souvenirs.

Of the many attractions in Denver, Casa Bonita is certainly a place you’ll never forget. Be sure to prep yourself before you come by watching the South Park season 7 episode 11 and be ready to sing “Casa Bonita, Casa Bonita, food and fun in a festive atmosphere!”


  1. Steph May 13, 2010 at 3:59 am - Reply

    Yep the food is marginal at Casa bonita but it’s a good place for kids.

  2. jake May 19, 2010 at 7:24 pm - Reply

    ummm, the food is not even close to marginal. It is surprising this place hasn’t been shut down for health code violations. There is no reason anyone should ever visit this place. The cliff divers aren’t worth the stomach pain.

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