America’s Favorite Blue Man Group Comes to Denver

admin November 16, 2010 0

Whether you are a child or an adult, you might have heard of the Blue Man Group, the trio which performs theatrical shows and does concerts all over the country. The combination of music, technology and music make them highly famous and regard them as the best at what they do. Their uniqueness has got them so much fame, and even the New York Times commented that they bring out the very best of stage and theatre. A lot of other entities have also given a lot of acclaim to the Blue Man Group for being a set of wonderful and amazing talent.

I’m sure that everyone will agree with me, when I call the Blue Man Group, a new and amazing change to what theatre was back in the original days. The precision in the performances, the perfection in every move, all of these things make this trio delighting to look at. And now, the Blue Man Group is coming to Denver, Colorado, to make the local audiences get a taste of them live.

The Blue Man Group is set to visit the Denver Center for the Performing Arts this year, in fact in the next month. The trio will be in town from December 7th to 19th, and this will be an amazing opportunity for all young and old people of the city to get to see the trio perform four of their very best shows in all times. The evenings will be full of fun and excitement with orchestra seats, a lot of food and cocktails, to make the shows even more wonderful.

Billy Elliot the Musical, A Christmas Carol, The Lion King and West Side Story, are some of the many theatrical performances, which the Blue Man Group is set to carry out on their visit to Denver. It is highly recommended for all those who are fans of the Blue Man Group, or even those who want to see them for the first time, that they plan ahead and have their seats booked, since the nature of these performances makes them sell out fairly quickly than other shows.

The performances will be stages live at The Buell Theatre, from Tuesday to Saturday at 8pm and on Sunday’s at 7:30 pm. And for some additional fun for the local crowd, the Blue Man Group will be carrying out matinee shows at 2pm on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Look forward to a great time.

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