Denver Turnverein

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The Turnverein Dance and Cultural Center, Inc. was formerly called Denver Turnverein.  It was changed to the new name in 2008.  The center was called the Coronado Club and used as a gym before the Denver Turnverein took it over.  It has been at its present location since 1922.  This center hosts competitions, community dances, and workshops for the following dances and others:


  • Swing (Lindy and West Coast)
  • Salsa
  • Ballroom
  • Argentine Tango


The Turnverein Dance and Cultural Center is home also to an internationally recognized chorus.  The Center makes it home in the historic Turnverein building.  Over 1,500 members belong to the Center.


Members of the Turnverein Dance & Cultural Center can rent the gracious landmark for wedding receptions, workshops, fundraisers, and other activities.  Rates for renting the center are based on the day of the week for your event, the number of hours needed, whether you need full or partial use of the building, and number of guests attending your event.


The ballroom has a 4,000 square foot hardwood floor with 15’ ceilings.  In addition, there are Palladian-style French doors.   They have done some recent renovations to the center, which include air conditioning, acoustic treatment, and elegant draperies.  There is also a stage along one wall for the D.J. set-up or bands.  You can seat 250 guests comfortably in the ballroom.


On the lower level you will find the Rathskeller, which is a charming hall that seats 120 guests.  It also offers a 500 square foot dance floor and full bar.  It is ideal for a smaller, more casual event.


You may self-cater your own event or choose a caterer of your choice to host the event.  They have kitchen facilities for prepping, cooking, and keeping the dishes warm until you are ready to serve.  You cannot bring in your own liquor.  It has to be purchased through the Turnverein with the option of a hosted or cash bar.


In the ballroom, they have room to display 40-50 hangable pieces of art depending on the size of the pieces done by members and local artists.  Two times a year the Center hosts a juried art show.


The Turnverein Dance and Cultural Center offers ballroom dancing on Monday nights.  Before the dance, they offer lessons, and then the dance lasts until 10 p.m.  You do not have to be a member to attend these dances.  The dress code for the ballroom dances is evening wear for both women and men.  The women can either wear long or short formal gowns.


If you are in Denver on vacation and you are either an experienced ballroom dancer or want to try it, this Center is the place to visit on Monday nights.  Take along some formal clothes and have a great time.

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