Denver Design District

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The Denver Design District is a source of inspiration for budding designers and a dream world for those searching to purchase something beautiful and different. The Denver Design District is a collection of retail and wholesale showrooms displaying the latest fads and fashion in the designer world.

One of the most well known landmarks in Denver can be found here. The Articulated Wall is a wall 85 feet tall and is an almost exact replica of the articulated wall that was built by Mr. Henry Bayer in 1968 for the Mexico Olympics – only the Denver Design District’s is 25 feet taller! This monument was completed in 1986 by the same artist, Henry Bayer, and it stands tall and proud there to this day, 25 years later. There are some interesting facts about this wall, some being that it took two million pounds of concrete to hold it together and the center is actually an airplane refueling mast.

However, that is only one striking feature of the Denver Design District. The building itself that houses these numerous wholesale and retail shops is quite magnificent in itself. Constructed of glass it is a gleaming beacon as the sun rests upon it. Fully lit up at night, it is also a wonderful sight. Of course the shops in themselves are interesting, full of different objects. Some of these shops are completely set up as a bathroom or kitchen with all the latest gadgets and time or space saving devices in the latest colors.

How do you display your goods and grab the opportunity to get your products seen and sold? There is a program in place where you may arrange to lease one of the shops for showroom space for a certain length of time. This ensures that you can display your items to the best advantage and therefore maximize your chance of making sales. Designer students from all over the world are welcome as they visit to gaze upon what well known designers have created. People come to browse or just to be kept up to date on the latest designer developments. However, some of these people that come only to visit the Denver landmark end up becoming purchasing customers due to the magic of the Denver Design District. DDD is a great place to visit if you are renovating or building your home to get the latest scoop on space saving designs or environmentally friendly ideas.

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