Denver Center Theatre Company

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This Denver Center Theatre Company has served children and adults alike, training each and every one to be the actors and actresses that they have always dreamed of. This center itself was the dream of one woman, Helen Bonfils. Between the efforts of her and her excellent lawyer, Mr. Seawell, they built the foundation into what is today – the greatest performing arts theatre in Denver.

More than seventy thousand students pass through this theatre each year. In fact, there are numerous programs offered by this performing arts center. Each program is carefully geared towards each group, whether it is made up of teachers, students, small children, or business professionals.

Many performing arts teachers have enrolled in a spring or summer course at the Denver Center Theatre Company to improve their teaching styles for their students. Students wishing to better their acting style are very grateful for the aide offered by this course as well. Also offered by the theatre is a family program, where families can gather, either to act together or as training for other acting endeavors.

This performing arts center is sponsored by well known names in the business world, such as Anadarke, the Great Petroleum Corporation, the Anschutz Fondation, Fidelity Investments, the SCFD, and the Xcel Energy Foundation.

Tours are also available of this great theatre with complete details of how it came into being through the joint efforts of the co-owner of the Denver Post and her lawyer more than fifty years ago. In fact, if it was not for the untiring efforts of Miss Helen Bonfils and her dream of a better theatre for Denver, Denver would have remained with a small community theatre or maybe none at all until someone else with the money necessary came along to encourage the furtherance of acting and the performing arts in Denver.

Also offered by this innovative theatre is the program called eShakespeare. This is a distance learning tool, made possible by grants from the Qwest Foundation and JonesKnowledge, designed by the Denver Centre Theatre Academy to help teachers to prepare for the yearly DPS Shakespeare Festival. This is actually a vitual online classroom where teachers preparing for this festival can ask questions on blogs or watch videos to get immediate support in their teaching activities. Of course, this is a great way to enhance the Shakespeare Festival experience. Support materials, forms, and information on this festival are also made available through eShakespeare. This is a great comfort to teachers and students alike, as constant feedback is available. This also raises the standard of acting and work offered at the festival year after year.

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