Dairy Center for the Arts

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The Dairy Center for the Arts is the combined stage of 14 Resident Organizations. It represents various cultural programs including visual arts, dance, theater, art education, film, and others sections of the arts. The fourteen parts of the center are performing programs from different areas. 3rd Law Dance/Theater makes theatrical, classical, and all others dances to perform and promote. 40 Women Over 40 performs fantastic technical dance which you won’t believe until you see it for yourself.

The company is located in Boulder, Colorado. Another theater company is Boulder Ballet, established in1982. The theater presents classical and contemporary works in the Boulder and Denver metro area.

A non-profit membership-based organization is Boulder County Arts Alliance, which performs different workshops and exhibitions. A 12-day annual festival including theater, dance, music, and films is participated in by about 100 groups every year. The festival is known to everyone as The Fringe festival.

Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company (BETC) is famous for performing various controversial plays. Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra,

Boulder’s Upstart Crow Theatre Company, CenterStage Theater Company, EcoArts Connections, Helander Dance Theater, Imagination Makers Theater Company, Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet Company, The Parlando School for the Arts, and Stories on Stage are other partners at The Dairy Center for the Arts. The Dairy Center for the Arts website will navigate you properly to answer any of your questions.

In 1997, The Colorado Community Curator (CCC) program started in the center for some security purposes when a reformation was going on there. McMahon Gallery separates Photo Hallway, Polly Addison Exhibition Space, and the MacMillan Family Lobby (used for local art exhibitions.) The center exhibits the works of many international artists along with domestic artists.

For a 2011 exhibition, The Dairy Center for the Arts invites artists and art organizations to submit proposals for individual and group shows based in the United States. Additionally, any Colorado native will be able to propose any show by using the works of artists in other states and overseas.

The Dairy Center for the Arts is a non-profit cultural arts organization located at Watts-Hardy Dairy Building. Each year 150,000 people come to The Dairy Center for the Arts to understand visual art, dramatic theater, comedy, live music, film, and dance through exhibits, classes, workshops, and performances. The Dairy Center for the Arts is a great place to spread the light of culture and arts for generations to come.

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