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Situated at the Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, Impulse Theater is a leading improvisational comedy theater in the state of Colorado. The theater’s performances are a combination of theater, comedy as well as audience interaction, featuring a witted cast that keeps audience laughing from the beginning to the end of the show.

Since 1987, Impulse Theater has performed more than 6,000 fully-improvised shows. An ideal entertainment choice for various events and holiday parties such as birthdays, anniversaries, company outings, and bachelor or bachelorette parties, it performs more than 100 private shows each year across the country.

Each performance, which lasts for 90 minutes, comprises 10 to 12 short scenes, with each scene having its own set of rules that should be followed by actors. Every hilarious and unpredictable scene is based on suggestions from the audience.

Impulse Theater takes pride in its high quality performances, which never gets offensive, vulgar or prudish. With the improvisation of materials used in the show, it is automatically personalized for an individual organization. It also conducts some research on the organization and gathers information about its workers, allowing the theater to integrate “inside-information” surprises to the show.

The theater performs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with shows appropriate for all ages and groups. Tickets are offered for $18, with group discounts available for 10-member group upwards, except during Christmas and New Year seasons.

Through the Touring Company, the whole “Impulse Theater” can be taken anywhere. It will bring all the things needed to stage a professional performance at your place.

Impulse Management, a unit of Impulse Productions, also offers customized corporate trainings focusing on dealing with change, reducing stress, improving communication, developing collaborative workteams, driving creativity and having fun. These topics will help actors to enhance their skills and characteristics, such as leadership and visual communication.

The theater offers two fun improvised workshops. For $50, the one-day workshop includes a two-hour session with free admission to one of its performances after the workshop. Meanwhile, the regular workshop, which costs $180, lasts for two hours every Sunday for six weeks and includes free admission to all performances during the workshop.

Impulse Theatre does not allow smoking within its premises. It allows a minimum of one drink and those below 20 should be accompanied by a parent, unless during the All Ages Nights.

In addition, Impulse Theater can be rented for meetings, award ceremonies, presentations or any events.

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