Denver Comedy Works

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Categorized by USA today as one of the top 5 comedy clubs in the country, Denver Comedy Works has been a favorite in Denver for years. Denver Comedy Works started in 1981 and is located at corner of 15th and Larimer Street. Apart from being the city’s rebuke comedy theatre, the southern block has been popular for its Lucy restaurant and the Lila B Lounge which makes this block a hub for evening entertainment. Space is available to host business functions, parties, get togethers and much more.

Hosting the country’s famous comedians, shows at Denver Comedy Works have the hall filled to the rim. Jerry Seinfeld, Roseanne, Jay leno, Tim Allen, Ellen DeGeneres, Dave Chappell, Chris Rock, Dennis Miller, Richard Lewis, Jammie Foxx, Lewis Black, and Joan Rivers have all been a part of the stage. Apart from being a landmark of famous comedians, the stage also calls for new talent who fleet the stage to prove their innate talent. The new talent night is a weekly show that is an amalgam of professionals leading the path and amateurs trying their hand at stand-up comedy. The new talent night is scheduled on Tuesday night of every week and candidates can register over the phone. Every week the list of candidates are announced on Wednesday for the forthcoming week. With a little patience, everyone gets the chance sometime to prove their talent on the stage that everyone is watching.

A few of the recent events were the following: Adam Cayton Holland on April 27th, Kumail Nanjiani April 28th to 30th, and Tracy Morgan April 29th and 30th.

The entire months of May and June have renowned comedians glorifying the stage. Mellisa Petermen, Whitney Cummings, Jo koy, Jay Mohr, Natasha Leggero, DL Hugley, Marc Maron, and Jim Breuer are going to be the grandeur of the spectators. These comedians are encouraged by awarding them certificates for their successful entertainment of the people. The shows are also funded by external sources and the audience can select or design their favorite designer shirts in honor of the performers.

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