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Bovine Metropolis Theater is a company that performs, teaches and offers theatrical improvisation and comedy experience at the heart of Denver Theater District. Currently at its 10th year, it offers various improv shows suited for all ages.

Enjoy the On The Spot Show, dubbed by the theatre as the “fastest and funniest hour on earth!” The show has been a local favorite, which makes use of the unique suggestions of audience to improvise games, songs and scenes. Up to 25 games are performed in a single show. This makes it perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, company parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties or any event. With the “Whose Line is it Anyway” style, a moderator and four actors incorporate audience suggestions for an action-filled night of craziness.

Improv Hootenanny will surely improve one’s night. In the past decade, almost every improv group in the state has played at the theater in all styles of imaginable improv. Appropriate for all ages, tickets will cost $7.

On May 24 and 25, Metropolis Theater is presenting the Linus, the 51st graduating class of the Bovine School of Improv. The class has six graduating students who will become the newest improvisers in the city.

Other shows include the Laughing Dragon Cake Samurai Fun Show, a mix of Japanese samurai, gibberish and improvisation; Makeshift Shakespeare, showcasing the misfortune of Shakespeare’s tragedies and the absurdity of his comedies; and the Thursday Night Throwdown, where two teams aim to claim the theatres improv cagematch record.

The Bovine School of Improv is offering the Denver Improv Classes, a unique five-level program that involves the basic improv skills and character work, and advanced improvisational play. Upper levels (3 to 5) perform at Improv Hootenanny, and those who succeed to complete all levels are given the chance to perform a graduation show for family and friends.

Under Level 1, participants will study the art of listening and the complexity of communication onstage and practice taking and giving focus. They will work with others in developing and creating a realistic environment with the use of imaginary objects. Classes start on May 21 and June 1. Meanwhile, Level 2, 3 and 4 start May 18, May 25 and July 9.

Make your event a hilarious party by inviting Bovine Metropolis Theater. Invite them to help your corporate event become successful and fund. Add spontaneity to your training, events and meetings, and energize and re-engage your team with their fun performances.

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