Cavalia Comes to Denver

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The Western heritage of the great state of Colorado is obvious at every step. From the strong-minded attitude of the descendants of the first pioneers to the landmark buildings preserved from the time of the Pikes Peak Gold Rush, the Centennial State breathes Western.

There are few things more telling for the persistent presence of the spirit of the Old West than the close relationship that exists between Coloradoans and their horses. This is why a magnificent performance like the Cavalia in Denver circus representation, where horses and not their human masters are the true stars of the show, is bound to deeply touch the minds and hearts of the inhabitants of Colorado.

The Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Horse and Man is a circus performance with a twist. Instead of focusing on the 60 human artists, the Cavalia Denver equestrian show is all about the horses. More than 50 stallions and geldings from a dozen breeds, including Andalusians, Arabians, Belgians and Percherons fascinate the audience with their perfectly choreographed performances.
The spectacle borrows some of the flavor of another famous show, the world renowned Cirque de Soleil, relying on a mixture of amazing sensorial experiences and high technology to dazzle the viewers and transport them to a magical realm of light, color, music and delicate movement. The producer and founder of the Cavalia show is Canadian Normand Latourelle, one of the original founders of the Cirque de Soleil, and renowned expert in live performances.

A multinational gathering of expert aerialists, acrobats, dancers and daredevils, engage in mesmerizing displays of agility, strength and grace. They are fantastic on their own, but the true attractions of the show are the equine stars. The Cavalia performing horses are as graceful as they are intelligent. They gently walk around the huge arena or burst into frantic gallops, all at simple cue from their handlers. Above them, acrobats fly in intricate trajectories, blow fireballs and execute mind blowing somersaults, but the noble animals seem unperturbed by even the most frightening display of courage. Rather than drawing attention upon themselves, the acts of the human performers are designed to emphasize the elegant dancing movements executed by their animal counterparts.

The horses steal the show, nevertheless. The fascination which captivates the entire audience, no matter of age or status, originates from the surreally coordinated movements of these noble creatures. They are the true stars of the show, motivated through positive reinforcement, and the stallions are even allowed to get of the stage when they don’t feel like performing. This great respect for the horse is visible both on stage and behind the curtains. The horses are highly cared for and a recent visit from the American Humane Society confirmed the excellent conditions enjoyed by the equine artists.

The amazing choreography, the costumes, makeups, and the special effects contribute to the immersive experience. The spectators are transported to mythical worlds, travel back in time and witness the unfolding of a captivating story with each movement of the performers.

Visiting the Cavalia Denver horse show is most certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the fascinating displays of grace and coordination executed by the magnificent equestrian artists.

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