Ballet Nouveau Colorado

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Ballet Nouveau Colorado was started in 2007 by two artists, Garrett Ammon and Dawn Fay. Since then, it has been working efficiently and creatively and hires more artists to provide good shows. The company, Ballet Nouveau Colorado, is headed by the Artistic Director, Garrett Ammon, and the Associate Director, Dawn Fay. The lighting designer who works here is Vance Mckenzie and there is also a costume designer, Catherine Strecker. The production manager, one of the most important personalities here, is Eleanor Moriarty.

The Ballet Nouveau Colorado has arranged for many male dancers for this year’s performance. The dancers at Ballet Nouveau Colorado are trained in contemporary dance and they provide excellent shows. The main company is made of eleven dancers and they are continuously working on creating a new formation and new styles in the shows. They also use the services of choreographers from outside to bring about new ideas.

The audiences who see the shows always have a thrilling experience. This is regardless of whether they are watching it for the first time or whether they have watched the performance many times before.

Dance has got no cultural separations or limitations. There is no boundary of any form in dance. This is a tool of expressing human emotions. The dancers in the Ballet Nouveau Colorado keep exploring new ways of doing it.

The Ballet Nouveau Colorado is organizing the tenth season event this year. The tickets will be sold starting August 1st. There are different types of tickets ranging from membership tickets to student tickets. Some of the performances that one can be excited about are as follows: The Prince Igor will be held on May 14th from 2 to 7:30 PM. The regular tickets for the prime time are $16 and there are also other tickets for $14 and $12. For students or kids, tickets are $14. The dances are choreographed by Michel Fokine, famous for choreographing ballet dances. There is also a live jazz performance on October 1st and it will continue for three days. The live concert will be accompanied with the dancers of the Ballet Nouveau Colorado, dancing to the music concert performed by the jazz players. Apart from this, one can also enjoy other shows like Chasing the Sublime, Cary On, Rarities and Oddities, and more. The Nutcracker show is popular as the kids are taught to dance on the stage after the performance is over.

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