Adams Mystery Playhouse: Denver’s Humor Capital

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Have you ever heard of a crime that took decades before it was solved? Have you ever wished that you solved it and became the star? Do you have a plan to become a detective?  Now is your chance to prove yourself. Adams Mystery Playhouse invites diners to join others in unraveling the murder mystery as they eat and watch the play.

It is a combination of a theater mystery and stand-up comedy that takes a few hours. Unlike a stage play where audiences will just observe the actors, at the Death for Dinner, it is interactive in nature. This means that the audience is included in the play. It will ask the diners to investigate to find clues. The level of participation solely depends on each individual diner – it can be as much or as little as they are comfortable with. Investigators will work as a team, by table. The team that identifies the assassin receives a prize.

Expect that someone will be murdered after your dinner and you are a witness! It may sound hilarious, but it is full of fun! You will certainly enjoy the witty, improvised lines of the actors and you will be going home aching with laughter! Guests will be entertained with a death-for-laugh show on top of the palatable meal. The show begins at 6:30 pm. and ends between 9:15 pm and 9:45 pm. Everyone will enjoy and laugh the whole time. The performance will reach its peak with a song and dance.

Adams Mystery Playhouse is a mansion built in 1908, located at 2406 N. Federal Blvd in Denver. It was sold and opened in 1934 as a mortuary. It was sold again, and then Marne and Carlos Cellular bought it and started the “Death for Dinner” shows in 1990.

Ticket price starts at $42.00 per head but it is higher during weekends. Parking is free and secured. The food is fabulous and accompanies the murder mystery scene well. It’s a buffet style dinner catered by Bella Basil. Food includes melon slices, rice pilaf, rolls, field salad, Chablis Artichoke chicken breast, fruit platter, iced tea and coffee.

Kids Mysteries are also offered. Birthday parties, summer camps, and school field trips are also done here in Adams Mystery Playhouse. Shows in this category do not include murder. Theft is mostly the topic for kids and pre-teens. Children work to solve the crime as a team. They are encouraged to use their creativity and imagination to connect the clues and solve the puzzle.

Visitors of all ages are welcome to visit and enjoy. So bring your whole family and share the laughter. The location is accessible to individuals with disabilities too. They have public performances every Friday and Saturday nights.

Relieve your stress, bond with your family and friends, and explore your environment at Adams Mystery Playhouse. Come and don’t miss the fun!

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